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Deyanira Delgado

Deyanira has over 17 years of experience developing and managing Fintech Business Platforms, building entrepreneurship ecosystems as an ally for universities, accelerators, corporates and NGOs, connecting investors and mentors with entrepreneurs. She founded Inixar.com SaaS, a donation based crowdfunding platform and SaaS for universities in Iberoamerica, thriving fundraising for initiatives, causes and entrepreneurs.

Experience & Activities


  • Co-founder and CEO at Alianza Monetaria, a micro-lending company.
  • Co-founder and CEO at Aportemos.com, a crowdfunding platform pioneer in México por friends, causes and startups.
  • Co-founder at Afondear SAPI, angel investment company for IT and Fintech Startups.
  • Co-founder at ELFACTORi.com, a micro-accelerator for entrepreneurs, a program for students, artists, entrepreneurs where they received training in diverse subjects like funding, crowdfunding, pitch, pitch competition, networking with angel investors for connection and exposure.
  • Founder and CEO at INIXAR.com, crowdfunding platform and entrepreneurship ecosystem management saas for universities, business schools, accelerators.


  • Deyanira obtained 3 years of experience as member of the Board of Directors of the ODESSA Group, and angel investor at Odessa Cajas y Fondos de Ahorro para Trabajadores, and participated in the sale and acquisition of the company.
  • Member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Counsil at UDEM University.
  • Member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Counsil at MIT Reap Mty.
  • Member of the Advisory Counsil at Venture Café Monterrey.
  • Deyanira created the Inixar SaaS platform for the Ibero-American Entrepreneurship Hyperloop of Tecnológico de Monterrey, for the Startups Demoday, evaluation and simulation of investment rounds with seven universities in Spain, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and México.
  • Founding partner at ASEM, Entrepreneurs Association in México.
  • Founder of the Entrepreneurs Club for UDEM Alumni.
  • Deyanira has created the following training, exhibition and connection programs in collaboration with Tec de Monterrey Campus Monterrey and the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Institute of Entrepreneurship: Angels4Her, FundHer4Change, Crowdfunding the Future & Investing where it Matters; In collaboration with UDEM: Angel Funding Experience UDEM, UDEM Match Business and Technology, Entrepreneur´s Expo.


  • Industrial and Systems Engineer at UDEM University.
  • Music Technician student at the Faculty of Music UANL, cello and piano instrumentalist.