We have the experience to acquire successful companies with a clear competitive advantage and make them grow in the medium and long term. These characteristics are the key aspects that we look for, but we also believe that there are elements with the potential to grow.

First-hand, we are interested in establishing a relationship of trust with owners interested in preserving their business legacy


  • High levels of recurring customers / recurring revenue.
  • Evidence of consistent earnings.
  • Low concentration of clients and suppliers, and B2B primary focus.
  • Solid middle management.


  • Annual revenue between US$5M - US$35M.
  • Stable cash flow of at least US$1M
  • EBITDA margin> 10%.
  • Low CAPEX and Working Capital requirements.


  • Fragmented markets.
  • Low technical complexity
  • Growing markets and industries
  • Low risk to external factors


  • Family owned businesses with a succession problem
  • Shareholders restructuring processes
  • Business owners that wish to leave the day-to-day management of the business but are willing to secure a transition period
  • Divestments motivated by extra business reasons
  • Spin-offs or carve outs from big companies
  • Organized exits of companies held by strategic or financial investors